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3-13-13 KurosakiYahatanshi-ku, Kitakyushu, JP, 806-0021

  • Teléfono: (81) 93 644-1411
  • Fax: (81) 93 644-1412
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    »Space World

    This worldwide theme park is the largest and most popular amusement park in Fukuoka. It is located in Kitakyushu City, which is a little less than an hour from Hakata Station, unless you are using the bullet train (faster). The attractions are numerous, but one interesting feature is that you can pay for individual attractions if you like. You could even buy a pass, which gives you admittance to the park and most attractions. There are other ticket prices as well for evening hours or groups. Check the website for varying dates.

    1-1-1 Edamitsu
    Kitakyushu, 805-0002

    »Mount Takato

    Located in the Wakamatsu-ku ward of the city of Kitakyushu, Mount Takato lies imperviously overlooking Dokai Bay and the famous Wakato Bridge. Offering locals and tourists with an opportunity to find a natural respite from the bustling city life, this mountain is great for a hike, as the view of the bridge, especially, from the top is breathtaking. The base of the mountain is also where the Wakamatsu Ajisai (hydrangea) Festival takes place each year, where a variety of hydrangeas are arranged in all their glory for their deserved appreciation, and concerts and other cultural events are organized as well.


    »Wisteria Flower Tunnel

    Wisteria Tunnel is undoubtedly the main attraction of Kawachi Fuji Garden in Kitakyushu. Passing through this tunnel-like structure is like entering a celestial place enveloped in a blanket of Wisteria flowers. The months of April and May witness the Wisteria Festival when the the captivating shades of purple and white flowers blossom in full splendor.

    Kawachi Fuji Garden
    Kitakyushu, 805-0045

    »Ashiya Beach

    North of Fukuoka City, and actually closer to Kitakyushu City, is this attractive white-sand beach. This beach is unusual in that there are professional lifeguards stationed on the sand, making it a great beach for families, even if the guards are a little too fastidious and tell you to swim closer to the shore. If you do not like the salt of the ocean, there is an outdoor pool along the beach.

    Shiro-hama Machi
    Ashiya Town, 807-0133

    »Miyajidake Shrine

    Located in the city of Fukutsu, Miyajidake Shrine is a Shinto shrine, dedicated to Empress Jingu, and housing Katsumura Okami and Katsuyori Okami. A shrine that holds a prominent place in the Shinto discipline, Miyajidake Shrine is visited by hordes of believers as well as tourists throughout the year. The shrine is home to a range of artifacts that are traditional Shinto shrine adornments, including a giant bell and a giant Japanese drum, which are the largest in Japan. The shrine is also where festivals like the Autumn Festival and the Edo Iris Festival are celebrated, bringing together people from all over the world to partake in the celebrations. Call for more information.

    7-1 Miyajimotomachi
    Fukutsu, 811-3305
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