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3-13-13 KurosakiYahatanshi-ku, Kitakyushu, JP, 806-0021

  • Teléfono: (81) 93 644-1411
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»Torius Hisayama

This sprawling shopping center is located just west of the Fukuoka City limits, in a rural town called Hisayama that many would probably not otherwise visit were it not for the center. This place has everything: a Virgin Cinema, a food court, outlet stores numbering in the dozens, a Costco, a garden center, an amusement arcade, and other miscellaneous shops. It is not hard to spend an entire day here. Many do! Torius Hisayama is only 30 minutes from Tenjin via the city expressway. Travel north and stay right when it branches toward Kasuya and the Kyushu Expressway. Pass under the expressway and stay left. At the intersection for 35, turn left and follow the road until you see the center.

1111 Yamada
Hisayama Town, 811-2502


Although this worldwide discount warehouse of everything you need (or do not need but buy anyway because it is so cheap) is not actually located in Fukuoka City, you can reach it more quickly than many destinations in the far west-end because of its proximity to the city expressway. From Tenjin it only takes 25 minutes. Take the city expressway north. It will branch right toward Kasuya and the Kyushu Expressway. After passing under the expressway, stay left, and turn left onto 35. This takes you there! This money will come back to you in the form of discounts, probably after your first visit. Open daily 10am onwards.

1152-1 Takayanagi, Hisayama-cho
Fukuoka, 811-2502
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