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»Rosa's Pizza

Rosa's is the ultimate in pizza and Italian cuisine, and the creations available here cannot be found anywhere else. Widely known among natives as some of the best pizza in New York, Rosa's offers slices as varied as upside-down Sicilian or Grandma, to Caesar Salad and Taco. The food rivals that of any of New York's fine Italian restaurants and can even hold its own with the best Italy has to offer. For those choosing to eat-in, there are some 20 tables, and for those taking-out service is fast and furious. Do not miss your turn or you'll be in line for the foreseeable future.

5526 69th Street
Queens, NY 11378

»Papa’s Kitchen

Located in the Woodside area of Queens, Papa's Kitchen serves an eclectic Filipino fare, and just like any good self-respecting Filipino joint, it features a karaoke screen with over a thousand songs! But karaoke is only the second best feature of this Asian eatery - thanks to family recipes, Papa's Kitchen is quite famous for the vibrant feast it serves. Authentic and scrumptious preparations such as pancit luglug, pork sinigang, chicken adobo, salu-salo sa bilao and lots more, keep the locals coming in by droves! Owned and operated by Beth Roa, who designed the entire menu based on her father's recipes (and thus the name), Papa's Kitchen is a wonderful discovery; head here to know why!

65-40 Woodside Avenue
New York, NY 11377

»Donovan’s Pub

Donovan’s Pub serves some amazing burgers and high spirits. Located in the Queens borough of NYC, this little place is renowned among foodies and alcohol lovers alike. A child friendly place, Donovan’s has its classic share of burgers, that everyone seems to love. The Donovan, the H Factor, the Santo and the Sebastian are some of the signature burgers that all their customers keep going back to. With a simple and friendly ambiance, this pub is is one of those places, which is perfect for a weekend hangout, or a family lunch.

57-24 Roosevelt Avenue
New York, NY 11377


A Sunnyside fixture for over two decades, Sidetracks has managed to combine the feeling of a neighborhood bar with the classy decour of a hip restaurant/lounge. Sidetracks offers daily happy hour and sports game specials as well as a 60-person party room available for rent.

45-08 Queens Boulevard
New York, NY 11104


Don't be fooled by the simple appearance of Sripraphai. The food here is as terrific as the prices. Crispy dried catfish, chili pepper salad, beef Panang, minced pork - the list is endless. Get here early because its usually packed and they don't take reservations. Enjoy your wonderful Thai meal alfresco because it can really get busy inside. If you are stuffed, pack some coconut-rice confections or milk pudding for the road. 

64-13 39th Avenue
New York , NY 11377

»Patacon Pisao

Patacon Pisao is a popular eatery serving delectable and humongous portions of Latin food. Their menu is a combination of recipes from Mexico, Venezuela and other South American countries. Some of the must-try dishes here are Green Plantain Sandwich with Shredded Beef, Grilled Steak or Roasted Pork. In addition, the Venezuelan wraps are also quite popular among regular patrons of Patacon Pisao. Passion Fruit Juice and the old Sweet Rice Milkshake wash down your orders with ease. Homemade Caramel Cluster is an ideal dessert option here. The restaurant is quite small with limited seating spaces, hence most patrons prefer taking out their orders to enjoy them in the comforts of their home or a nearby park.

85-22 Grand Avenue
New York, NY 11373


Ayada is a small eatery tucked away in a quiet area of Queens, but there is nothing quiet about the bold flavors and bright dishes they serve up. The little eatery is quite small, and the decor is quite bare apart from the bright green walls and photos of the Thai royal family lining the walls reverently. The menu is not your typical Thai food either, with authentic dishes that haven't been watered down one iota. From the unusual E-saarn sausages, Pork-leg entree to the more staple dishes like spicy panang curry and drunken noodles, washed down with a tender coconut water makes for a satisfying meal. Don't miss out on Mango sticky rice pudding for dessert, it's quite superb.

77-08 Woodside Avenue
New York, NY 11373

»Zabb Queens Restaurant

Chef Sompoch Siribongkoch, invites you to a Thai treat at Zabb Queens restaurant. Located in Jackson Heights, this restaurant promises the most authentic and delicious chicken, pork and seafood preparations to its visitors. Sompoch focuses on food from the Isaan region of Thailand, where he spent most of his childhood. Chill out in the cozy, comfortable atmosphere of Zabb Queens and let the charming waitresses guide you through the wide range of salads, soups and noodles specially made with unique Thai spices.

71-28 Roosevelt Avenue
Queens, NY 11372

»Bun-Ker Vietnamese

Not many people are aware of Bun-Ker Vietnamese but those in the know keep returning for the delicious Vietnamese preparations. The ambiance is trendy with bright red walls, attractive paintings and other decorations. The restaurant attracts both families dining together and large groups of youngsters. Typical dishes include Crab Spring Rolls, Papaya Salad, Grilled Lemongrass Black Angus Short Ribs and Coconut Tapioca Pudding. Like any other Vietnamese restaurant, the focus is on soups and noodles. The side preparations and sauces like Fish Caramel Sauce are also popular. The food is complemented by the Japanese beverage Sake served in several varieties. This restaurant also provides delivery and takeaway services for the convenience of customers.

46-63 Metropolitan Avenue
New York, NY 11385

»Romanian Garden

Romanian Garden is an adventure in hearty, somewhat artery-clogging food. There's plenty of pork in several dishes. Ideal for groups of friends, family-style can be the way to go to sample a variety. Otherwise, how often does one get to taste Romanian food? Some foods, like the chicken cutlet, are ordinary; but otherwise, most items on the menu are quite tasty and refreshing. Don't be afraid if you can't pronounce what you are eating, like the mamaliga cu brinza si smintina! Save room for dessert, especially the papanasi, and plan to run it all off the next day.

46-04 Skillman Avenue
Queens, NY 11104

»Bliss Bistro

With warm wooden flooring, bright lights and a cheery ambiance, Bliss is a popular neighborhood bistro. Unpretentious and homely, it's a great place to kick back your heels and enjoy a few beers with your buddies. The food is wholesome and reasonably priced, with the menu sporting popular dishes like House-Cured Salmon and Ribs. You can enjoy the three course specials offered Tuesday through Thursday. Don't expect anything fancy; Bliss is the perfect place for a fun, casual night out.

4520 Skillman Avenue
New York, NY 11104

»Sabay Thai

If you are walking by on Elmhurst, you may just get drawn in by Sabay Thai one of the most happening Thai restaurants in New York. This spotless, well-designed place serves sensational dishes. Fresh seafood like shrimps, calamari cooked and seasoned with fresh herbs is fantastic! Shrimp pad thai, chicken with garlic sauce, duck with basil, fried bean curd are some of the local favorites. Service is excellent and the place offers great value for money.

75-19 Broadway
Queens, NY 11373
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