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Informations pratiques

»Community Bible Church

Since its modest beginning in 1990, Community Bible Church has been moving ahead with the mission "To Reach, Teach, and Help People in Jesus' Name". It is a Bible-centered church preaching the Word of God and His beliefs. Group celebrations and worship are conducted which is complimented by music, and later activities like Bible study, fellowship, prayer and ministry keep the visitors engaged. Drop in at The Cafe for snacks or browse through the bookstore after attending the service. Check the website for service timings and events.

2477 Texas 1604 Loop
San Antonio, TX 78232

»Northeast Baptist Church

Northeast Baptist Church is a congregation that strives to deepen the knowledge and promote the community's faith in Jesus Christ. The church believes that it is only through the teachings of God and His word that people can live together and lead an enriching life. Under Dr. Chad Chaddick, regular Sunday services are conducted and worshipers can indulge in bible study class after the worship. Visit the website to know more about the upcoming events.

2930 MacArthur View
San Antonio, TX 78217

»Lighthouse Baptist Church

Lighthouse Baptist Church serves the community's religious and spiritual needs under Pastor Ohm and music and youth Pastor Jordan Potter. The teachings are centered on the Word of God and the acceptance of the Old and New Testaments. The church aims to go beyond just being a place of worship and actively engages through various programs and ministries, and also has an active choir. Regular services are conducted on Sunday. Check website for more information.

10400 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78217

»MacArthur Park Lutheran Church

MacArthur Park Lutheran Church encourages it biblical teachings with the mission statement - "Live the gospel. Change the world". The first worship service at MacArthur Park Lutheran Church was headed by Pastor Schwanenberg in 1960 and is presently led by Pastor Paul R. Ziese and Associate Pastor Tracey Breshears Schultz. The Catholic beliefs are recited in Nicene, Apostles' and Athanasian Creeds. The church encourages through Bible study and adult forums a way of life that was propagated and followed by Jesus Himself. Check the website for more information.

2903 Nacogdoches Road
San Antonio, TX 78217

»St. Pius X Catholic Church

Led by Pastor Francis McHugh, St. Pius X Catholic Church is located in the heart of the city and serves the community's religious needs with its mission "Restore all things in Christ". The church has been a place of worship for over five decades and offers spiritual guidance to its prosperous community. The interiors of the church are beautified with statuary and symbols, and stunning stained-glass windows. Services are conducted daily and the main Sabbath celebration is held on Sundays . Visit the website for more.

3303 Urban Crest Drive
San Antonio, TX 78209

»San Antonio School for the Performing Arts

Considered as a paradise by ardent art lovers, the San Antonio School for the Performing Arts is a reputed institute that teaches young, budding artists the nuances of dance, music and theater. The school offers training programs in various disciplines that include classical ballet, jazz, flamenco, tap dance and acting. Besides this, the institute also hones young talent in playing various instruments like the guitar, bass, percussion, violin, apart from providing vocal training. The school organizes various concerts and dance shows for its students where they get to enchant a discerning audience with their performance. Check website to know more.

12915 Jones Maltsberger Road
San Antonio, TX 78247

»Performing Arts Conservatory of Texas

Pay a visit to the Performing Arts Conservatory of Texas, and enroll yourself in one of the many dance courses that the school has to offer. The Performing Arts Conservatory of Texas has well-trained instructors to guide you through the ins and outs of the various dance and gymnastics forms the school offers. Those looking for a quicker and simpler option, can choose to participate in the workshops held at the center. Check their website or call ahead for reservations and other details.

22610 US Highway 281 North
San Antonio, TX 78258

»Virgil T. Blossom Athletic Center

Virgil T. Blossom Athletic Center is the perfect place for undertaking sporting activities. It has a comprehensive list of facilities, which includes a state-of-the-art gymnasium and a pool. This makes the place a big draw for the parents as well as the kids, looking for some fun time. The training facilities and the tracks are perfect to coach aspiring athletes. Football, swimming and soccer tournaments are held at the center of the field and it is also utilized by the NEISD students.

12002 Jones Maltsberger Road
San Antonio, TX 78216

»Unity Church of San Antonio

Located on Lawndale Drive, the Unity Church of San Antonio recognizes that God is within and all around us, as opposed to the concept of God as a power external to our being. The church encourages a way of life that was propagated and followed by Jesus Himself. It believes that the One True God loves each and everyone of us equally, and that, although what He may be called may vary, what He stands for remains the same throughout the faiths and cultures of the world. The Sunday Service starts at 11a.

1723 Lawndale Drive
San Antonio, TX 78209

»Coker United Methodist Church

Situated in a quiet corner of San Antonio, the Coker United Methodist Church is a regularly visited destination for several locals and tourists who come here to bask in its warm and tranquil ambiance. The church offers special services, besides regular masses, prayers, baptism and communion services. Apart from that, it hosts weddings and receptions in its premises. Performances by the church choir where young, aspiring artists come forth and display their talent are commonplace here. Call ahead to know more.

231 East North Loop Road
San Antonio, TX 78216

»St. Anthony de Padua

St Anthony de Padua Catholic Church is a religious site for the prosperous community of San Antonio. It is a result of the efforts of the Shrine Workers of St. Anthony, who wanted a committed place of worship for the community. This rapidly growing congregation centers its preaching on the Word of God. The church propagates its teachings through worship, education and ministries. The beliefs are recited in the Nicene Creed on every Sunday Mass. Check the website for upcoming events and services.

102 Lorenz Road
San Antonio, TX 78209

»Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church propagates God's love to all living beings and towards the world and experience His presence. Though the congregation grew rapidly, its outreaching programs are directed towards individual requirements. Besides worship services, the church conducts numerous musical and educational programs for community engagement and their social involvement. Check the website for service timings and upcoming events.

18755 Stone Oak Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78258
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