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  • Arts & Museums

    »La société régionale d'horticulture de Montreuil

    The horticultural museum, located in a school garden, tells the incredible story of the wall of peaches in Montreuil. From the 16th to the 20th Century, peaches were grown along stone and plastered walls. The cultural fields were divided by numerous stone walls; the space was squared. Along these walls, thousands of peach trees were planted and were then protected from the cold and the wind. Fruits were sometimes marked according to a very special technique. This high quality agriculture used to be the source of richness of the city. Today there are still a few hectares of fruit trees in the garden, as well as this museum: both are proof of a rich past.

    4 rue du Jardin-École
    Paris, 93100

    »La Ferme du Buisson

    La Ferme du Buisson brings the art-forms alive through their theatrical performances, interactive exhibits and art collections. There are many exciting events to look forward to. Please contact for further information on the current season being showcased here.

    Allée de la Ferme
    Noisiel, 77448

    »Fragonard Museum

    Fragonard Museum takes you into a world of perfumes, and gives you an insight into the history of scents and fragrances. The museum conducts guided tours in which visitors learn about the craft of scent making, and get to see pictures of the same. There are also actual antique perfume bottles displayed here, in addition to other scent-related memorabilia. Visitors can enjoy a few of its interactive games, including a perfume smelling test. There is also a retail store from where you can pick up a few of your favorite fragrances. 

    7 Avenue du Général de Gaulle
    Maisons-Alfort, 94704

    »Musée- École nationale vétérinaire

    The Fragonard museum is one of the oldest museums of France: created in 1766, it is part of the veterinary school. It possesses a unique collection of bodies and body parts, exhibited for the sake of human and animal anatomical studies, among which is a collection of freak animals, of diseased body parts, as well as of parasites – some of them were discovered at that time. The central piece of the museum is the "Écorchés by Fragonard," a collection prepared between 1766 and 1772 following the "natural anatomy" method consisting of body preservation in alcohol or by desiccation. Fragonard made some pieces for pedagogical purposes and some others for the sake of art: very impressive!

    7 Avenue du Général de Gaulle
    Paris, 94700

    »Museum of African & Oceania Art

    Located near the Bois de Vincennes, the Musée des Arts africains et océaniens mostly displays works from colonial countries. The building was constructed during the colonial exhibition of 1931. Its architecture is in perfect harmony with the theme of the objects exhibited. Visitors are invited to walk through a tropical garden full of crocodiles and exotic fish – ideal for children as long as they are not crazy enough to swim there! For adults, the rooms dedicated to aboriginal art, works from the Pacific islands and objects from New Caledonia are worth the detour. The African statues and masks are just magnificent: don't miss the sculptures from Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Angola nor the fascinating jewelry from North Africa.

    293 avenue Daumesnil
    Paris, 75012

    »Cité Nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration

    This Museum is charged with the substantial task of conserving and presenting a national collection relating to the history, art, and culture of immigration in France. Recognizing the work of immigrants as molding the reality of French society, the Cité Nationale de L'Histoire de L'Immigration presents documentation in multiple forms, divided for the permanent collection into images, objects, and works of art. Temporary exhibits, educational activities, performances, workshops, and a multimedia library are all also available to the public.

    293 avenue Daumesnil
    Paris, 75012

    »Les Pavillons de Bercy

    The Pavillons de Bercy are situated in Paris' 12th arrondissement. They consist of three pavilions comprising 5000 square meters (53,820 square feet) and host corporate and private events including galas, receptions, conventions, and private parties. Facilities include an interactive theater and museum as well as an expansive garden.

    53 avenue Terroirs de France
    Paris, 75012

    »Le Pavillons des Arts Forains

    Envisioned and opened by actor and antiques dealer Jean Paul Favand, Le Pavillions des Arts Forains is Paris' premier funfair museum. Housing everything from working amusement rides, merry-go-rounds and carousels to fair stalls and historical attractions, the museum brings over 100 years of carnival history to life. Its three large salons showcase the museum's collection of objects, while the garden allows visitors to wander through a dreamlike outdoor space. Situated in the 12th arrondissement, Le Pavillions des Arts Forains is any circus lover's dream. 

    53 Avenue des Terroirs de France
    Paris, 75012

    »Museum of Fairground Arts

    Musée des Arts Forains was established in 1996 by Jean-Paul Favand, celebrated actor and art director. Breathing new life into a rustic warehouse at Les Pavillons de Bercy, this museum is an expression of allure and an ode to fairground art. Explore the scene for fairytale unicorns, magic fountains, distorting mirrors, regal theater props, opulent chandeliers and Belle Époque artifacts. The wonderland woods are replete with cottages and a Baroque castle that are reminiscent of fairytale classics. This museum also features a collection of 19th-century fair objects like stalls, carousels and other carnival rides.

    53 Avenue des Terroirs de France
    Paris, 75012

    »Théâtre du Merveilleux

    The Théâtre du Merveilleux is an extraordinary place in which the visitor is actor and interacts with the environment, vintage attractions and artists. You are welcomed by the elephant hot-air balloon, and then you discover the scenery made of music hall, opera and fun fair elements. Videos are projected on the room s different structures. Several instruments such as the 1920 organ, the automatic piano, and the set of bells, all linked together by computer, create a totally unique musical atmosphere by making the room a gigantic music instrument. Have fun with the game of the unicorn, which is an astrological raffle with Japanese billiards, the spinning tops, the shooting boxes, the sliding games and a lot more!

    53 avenue des Terroirs de France
    Paris, 75012

    »Le Musée des Vampires

    The Vampire Museum is a small museum located about two minutes from Paris. It receives ten people maximum for a very unusual visit guided by the host, Jacques Sirgent. In this peculiar house, numerous objects are gathered; they tell stories and legends of vampires of today and yesterday (paintings, books, movies, animal scale models, pieces of furniture, weapons and more). You won't be frightened here, but you will learn the origins and legends which surround vampirism. After you have strolled into the rooms, you think it is over, but not at all--there still is a garden to wander in. The Musée des Vampires is open by appointment only. Tours at 12.30p, 3p and 7:30p.

    14 rue Jules David
    Paris, 93000


    L'Exploradome provides a great opportunity for children to learn about art and science. Through interactive exhibits, the young ones will learn about our technological and natural worlds. Many of the exhibitions are informative enough that even the adults will probably learn something.

    18 Avenue Henri Barbusse
    Vitry-sur-Seine, 94400
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