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Comfort Hotel Kokura

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2-6-21 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu, JP, 802-0001

  • Phone: (81) 93 512-8311
  • Fax: (81) 93 512-8312
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Bars & Cafes

»Gei-Hinkan French Restaurant

For those interested in atmospheric dining with a touch of local color, Gei Hinkan is the perfect place. This small, French restaurant boasts the best of locations in the Hana Tei-en traditional Japanese gardens, and is about a five-minute walk from the precincts of Hakozaki Shrine. The gardens are particularly beautiful at sunset and dusk, and are recommended for a post-sightseeing early-evening meal. Diners look out onto an exquisite karesansui rock and sand garden complete with shaded, mossy banks and miniature pines. The food is excellent with a choice between a set menu (JPY3,500) and an a la carte selection. Wine, beers, tea and coffee are also available.

1-22-1 Hakozaki
Fukuoka, 812-0053

»Hakata Yatai Bar Ebi-chan

All yatai have beer on hand, but over 60 different kinds of cocktails as well? This place is a rarity among yatai if there ever was one. The menu is also slightly unusual, featuring several seafood selections, and even oxtail soup. This yatai is easy to find because the word "bar" in its name is written in English on its sign. One of the curtains also features the Gordon's dry gin logo.

Reisen Koenmae
Fukuoka, 812-0027


You just want to chill with your shirttail hanging out, your posture slumped in a cushioned chair, and a glass of what's good for you in your languid hand. Want to talk? Fine, but there is no need. You can simply lounge around with other cool-minded cats in this underground bar. And for the area, you do not have to pay much for the privilege. There is no charge and the price for shots will let you slough off sobriety without anxiety about the bill. The owner has made no attempt to hide the fact that you are underground. The walls are cement blocks, the ceiling bares its ventilation ducts, and the lighting throws shadows everywhere. It is hardly run-down though. Instead, the owner has tried to re-create the feeling of being on a movie set. Guests vary widely in age, but usually come in small numbers. Some come by themselves.

11-1 Kami Kawabata-cho

»Jazz Spot River Side

Do not let the dingy exterior of this bar put you off: although dark and gritty in appearance, Jazz and Bar hosts some of the best live jazz in Fukuoka. Inside, you will find an extremely friendly and "switched on" clientèle, as well as wall-to-wall LPs featuring all the jazz greats, and a huge selection of whisky. Live nights are held four or five times a month, and feature enthusiasts from the Fukuoka area as well as better-known acts. Food you will not find; but if bourbon is your thing you will love this bar! Drinks range between JPY500 and JPY1000.

Nakasu 3-7-34

»Shichi Ri Yaki-Tori

This friendly yaki-tori bar is located in an unassuming building. Inside the smoky open-kitchen, the shop's master prepares all the usual goodies associated with yakitori; but for those with more adventurous tastes, grilled pig's feet and skewered cartilage are also on offer.

Nakasu 3-7-33
Fukuoka City, 810-0801

»Mogura of Sarute

Moghura No Salute is a dark underground shot bar in the heart of Nakasu. On hearing your approach (heralded by an extremely loud gong), Moghura's bar-staff may or may not decide to let you in (they like to pretend that they are very discerning about the quality of their clientele!). With mirrors, neon fish-tanks and smart cocktail waiters, the bar is dark with a very subterranean feel. There is live jazz on selected days until 5am. At least a hundred varieties of bourbon line the walls. Cocktails and Snacks are also available.

5-chome Nakasu


HORANS (yes, in bold!) takes its name from its owner, Jack Holland, who also runs the highly successful bars The Happy Cock and The Crazy Cock. His latest establishment, and certainly his nicest, is also an outstanding success. Offering good food, good prices, a good atmosphere, competent DJs, and live music, HORANS will not disappoint you. If you are in the Nakasu district, this place is certainly one of the more affordable and tasteful entertainment establishments you could visit. The interior is lavishly decorated with an excellent sound system. A stage allows talented local acts to perform regularly. Ample tables and a VIP lounge make the dining experience pleasant during the weekdays, but the place heats up on the weekends after 11pm when the DJ party begins. Private parties are also frequent.

1-7-5, 8F Chome Nakasu
Fukuoka, 810-0801


If sophistication is what you want, we recommend this classy bar. On the edge of the Nakasu entertainment district, this bar looks onto Naka River and is a fine place for a date or just some conversation. Another plus: while it is Nakasu, the affordable prices would have you believe otherwise. No wonder it has stayed open since 1982. The bar takes a minimalist approach to interior decorating. The decor is sleek, cool, and soothing. Most of the customers are well dressed (though usually not better than the staff), middle-aged, and small in number. The cocktails are priced just right and are mixed perfectly. There is a limited selection of snacks and food.

4-1-17 Nakasu
Fukuoka, 810-0801

»Blue Bar

What else would you call this bar? Everything here is blue! The place was designed, with varying shades of the color, to give the feeling of being in a tropical ocean. Light filters down from above to enhance this feeling, but the longer you are here, the more you have a sense of being suspended elsewhere, like in space. Perhaps it is the liquor you have been consuming. When you here a voice that says, "Hal, what are you doing?," then it is probably time to abandon yourself to other Nakasu attractions and leave this space odyssey behind.

40362 Wakamatsu Building
Fukuoka, 810-0801

»El Liston

After entering this bar for the first time, you may simply stand and stare around you in wonder for a few moments. Have you walked into a chapel or a bar? The shelves lined with liquor are golden, there is a vaulted ceiling, and there is balcony seating (even though the place is on the basement floor). A runway, for all you know, could be used for weddings or concerts. So again, bar or chapel? As good spirits (in the bottles and in the people) are not lacking, it could just as well be either. The interior as well as the exterior of the hotel in which this bar is located was designed by Italian architect Aldo Rossi. There is plenty of room to roam, and the place is often used for private parties and gigs. Most of the clientèle is young, hip, and retro. If there is a party or special event, it might be worth your while to go; the mix of people can be quite interesting. Sometimes, however, the place can be rather dead. There are a number of beers and mixed drinks available and prices may change depending on events. For some parties, staff members may hold bottles of some hard liquor by the door, demanding that you take a swig for the occasion!

3-13-1 Haruyoshi
Fukuoka, 810-0003

»air THE BAR

If you have been in Japan long enough, then you know by now to stop asking why things are spelled like the name of this bar—people are just trying to be different, using capital and lower case letters and funky spellings. At least this bar is different, and the first word of its name is appropriate. There is a light airy feel to the place, which is further enhanced by the owner and staff members: they are female and friendly.

3-13-28 Haruyoshi

»Rosarian Coffee Co.

This is one of a host of good coffee shops located at the heart of Tenjin's shopping district. Nearby access to the underground arcade and the Vivre, Mitsukoshi and Daimaru department stores makes this an ideal place to stop after a hard day's bargain hunting. On offer are a wide range of hot and cold drinks as well as snacks and delicious flavored coffees for under JPY500. English language newspapers and magazines are also available.

1-10-13 Tenjin
Fukuoka, 810-0001
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