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Comfort Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai

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2-10 Shinshigai, Kumamoto, JP, 860-0803

  • Phone: (81) 96 211 8411
  • Fax: (81) 96 211 8435
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»Supochanhausu Gaji Yo

If you have a craving for something sweet, but not something sticky sweet or hard—something that is cool and refreshing and good—then this may be your place. 'Gaji Yo', is a small dessert cafe with milkshakes and similar selections on its menu. Drinks are available as well—like coffee—but most people go for the desserts.

3-16 Hamanomachi

»Steak House Okano

This restaurant combines a pleasant dining atmosphere with steak done the right way. The interior is well lit, with simple wooden design, and a long, curved counter that seats ten on the first floor. On the third and fourth floors, tables are suitable for parties of three or four, which appears to be the norm. The steak served here is produced in Nagasaki prefecture. The servings are not large, but they make up with taste for what is lost in quantity. There is also an ample selection of wines.

6-8 Motoshikui
Nagasaki, 850-0901

»Piano Bar Zucchini

This bar is a great place to go to booze to the sound of a piano for a remarkably good price. Arrive early, you can drink all you want for an hour, and this is not cheap liquor either. Local transvestites and other interesting, foreign performers dance, sing and do acts. There are leather chairs, nice lighting, and other seemingly pricey pieces of decoration, giving the feel of a lounge. The clientèle are markedly older men, usually dressed as if they had just gotten off work, though other ages and types of people filter in as well. Most people come for socializing, the music and the entertaining shows. The entry charge allows you to drink all you want, and the liquor is good. Various snack foods are available.

Social Shianbashi 2F
Nagasaki-shi, 850-0901

»Kichin Seiji

This restaurant is designed much like a Nagasaki trolley car, giving it charm and novelty. The food comes in enormous quantities and is likely to fill you, even if it cannot be easily characterized. There are also about 7,000 comic books, manga and magazines, which you are welcome to read at your leisure for hours if you like, so long as you place an order. The Turkish rice being a particularly popular dish. Other rice-based dishes (pilaf, etc.) are also offered. The menu is somewhat eclectic, but definitely shows Asian influence. The decor completes the pciture with trolley car windows and seats, even hanging straps!

4-23 Furukawa
Nagasaki, 850-0851


Kyabetsu izakaya (Japanese pub) is almost legendary for its good, cheap food. The liquor is also quite varied and cheap. The place features tatami mats, low sitting tables, and quite a lot of noise and high spirits. The guests are an eclectic mix, but mostly young and casual. On the weekends, the place is almost always full. Most of the food served comes fresh off the boat or from the fields. Numerous dishes of Japanese staples, such as fried chicken, Sashimi. There are numerous types of sake available, and beer.

Kimura Building 2F
Nagasaki-shi, 850-0853


This is not so much a restaurant as it is a shop window where you can drop by for some delicious gyoza (dumplings) and be on your way. During the earlier hours and in the afternoon, Nagasaki residents going to and from work will frequently stop for a quick bite. But as it is located along Shianbashi Gourmet Street, it is not unusual to see people of all types lining up for a steaming snack.

Shianbashi Gourmet Street
Nagasaki, 850-0901


This restaurant was originally built in 1642. Its present physical appearance is nothing like the original, but still the owners and staff have the conviction that they are carrying on a tradition of excellent Nagasaki cuisine. The primarily wooden interior is simple but extremely refined and elegant. The ornate ceiling with its beautiful artwork may have you gazing up until your neck aches. The cuisine is Japanese, with variations influenced by Chinese and Portuguese. The set menus are elaborate (and expensive), but recommended, costing upwards of JPY10,000 for two, but you will never forget the dining experience. Even the "less expensive" meals run several thousand yen.

2-1 Maruyama-machi
Nagasaki, 850-0902

»South Chaya

This charming old coffee shop is located in a building that has existed since the Edo Era. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant, allowing you to take a rest or gather your thoughts, and enjoy the coffee and tea served here. The establishment is frequented by Japanese as well as members of the international community. Decorated with objets d'art, the interior exudes a warm atmosphere.

Furukawa Cho 1-1
Nagasaki, 850-0851

»Panic Paradise

This standard bar has booths and tables, as well as seats at the bar, from which you can see any part of the room. Local musicians play here on occasion, and at other times the bartenders spin the records in their collection. The bar has a warm, hearty atmosphere to it with a generally cheerful mood. Glasses and bottles hang from racks above the counter. Rock posters and signs adorn the walls.

5-33 Yorozuya-machi
Nagasaki, 850-0852

»Nagasaki Tonkatsu Seiyohtei

Tonkatsu, or fried breaded cutlets (of chicken, pork, etc.) are standard fare here. Try some of the more exotic ones wrapped in bacon, cheese, or shiso leaves before they are fried. Two different sauces, hot and sour to go with each meal, which includes rice and other side dishes, if you order a set.

Imamura Bldg. 2F
Nagasaki, 850-0852


This restaurant is a good place for a casual date, as the atmosphere is fairly quiet. An eclectic collection of dishes awaits the guests here. An aged feel, maybe because of the old sound system and worn furniture, somehow adds to the charm of the establishment. The fried chicken, rice-based dishes and meat selections are vaguely Western with ethnic influences standard fare. Call to know the open hours.

10-9 Dohza-machi
Nagasaki, 850-0841

»Pub JAL City

You certainly do not have to be staying in the Hotel JAL City Nagasaki, near China Town, to eat at this pub-like restaurant located within the hotel. In fact, many if not most of the clientele are from "outside," and have come because word has spread: the place is good and the prices are affordable. While it calls itself a pub, this is basically in appearance only. It is more like a restaurant.

Hotel JAL City Nagasaki 1F
Nagasaki, 850-0842
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