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Comfort Hotel Kumamoto Shinshigai

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2-10 Shinshigai, Kumamoto, JP, 860-0803

  • Phone: (81) 96 211 8411
  • Fax: (81) 96 211 8435
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Bars & Cafes

»Supochanhausu Gaji Yo

If you have a craving for something sweet, but not something sticky sweet or hard—something that is cool and refreshing and good—then this may be your place. 'Gaji Yo', is a small dessert cafe with milkshakes and similar selections on its menu. Drinks are available as well—like coffee—but most people go for the desserts.

3-16 Hamanomachi

»Piano Bar Zucchini

This bar is a great place to go to booze to the sound of a piano for a remarkably good price. Arrive early, you can drink all you want for an hour, and this is not cheap liquor either. Local transvestites and other interesting, foreign performers dance, sing and do acts. There are leather chairs, nice lighting, and other seemingly pricey pieces of decoration, giving the feel of a lounge. The clientèle are markedly older men, usually dressed as if they had just gotten off work, though other ages and types of people filter in as well. Most people come for socializing, the music and the entertaining shows. The entry charge allows you to drink all you want, and the liquor is good. Various snack foods are available.

Social Shianbashi 2F
Nagasaki-shi, 850-0901

»Ayer's Rock

This basement club, not far from the Hamonomachi area, is one of the most popular hang-outs among hip youth in Nagasaki. It is not a big place, but the energy and the number of people stuffed in there at the weekends can make it seem larger. The music is primarily hip-hop, with live DJs a common part of the scene. Weekdays can hardly be called "dead," and may be a better time to go if you want space to dance. On entering you will see a small bar. Around the perimeter there are a few tables. Most of the space is reserved for dancing, and the sound system is pretty good. There are standard mixed drinks, of a very limited number.

6-13 Yorozuya-machi
Nagasaki, 850-0852


Kyabetsu izakaya (Japanese pub) is almost legendary for its good, cheap food. The liquor is also quite varied and cheap. The place features tatami mats, low sitting tables, and quite a lot of noise and high spirits. The guests are an eclectic mix, but mostly young and casual. On the weekends, the place is almost always full. Most of the food served comes fresh off the boat or from the fields. Numerous dishes of Japanese staples, such as fried chicken, Sashimi. There are numerous types of sake available, and beer.

Kimura Building 2F
Nagasaki-shi, 850-0853

»Bar 10c

This bar serves cocktails as well as excellent freshly squeezed fruit-juice based drinks. It is particularly popular among women. The interior is elegant and simple, with attractive back lighting behind the bar and track lights above. The Vodka milk cocktail is interesting, as are the seasonal selections.

Kimuraya Building 3F
Nagasaki, 850-0853

»Suntory Jigger Bar Savoy

Suntory Jigger Bars are found in nearly every major Japanese city. People go in usually because they know what to expect; the feel, price and selection changes very little from city to city. A tad more expensive than most bars, the drinks are good, but standard. Inside you will find impeccably dressed staff, dim lighting, elegant wood-style counters and booths. There is a comprehensive menu of cocktails and shots. Complementary bar chow is served, such as mixed nuts and potato chips.

2F Nagasaki Building
Nagasaki, 850-0853

»Bar g Soul

This bar is a great place for those with a passion for soul, R&B and hip-hop music. There are usually DJs as well as occasional emcees, some of whom are rather good. Many of the DJs and emcees work together to produce some great sounds, while stylish guests sip on cocktails and enjoy conversation with frequently seductive intentions. The interior is not at all grungy and sticky like so many places of the same ilk where grooving guests spill their drinks everywhere. Most of the patrons are fairly mellow, and the cool lighting and modern design no doubt facilitates this mood. Their age tends to vary quite widely.

21 Hamanomachi
Nagasaki, 850-0853

»South Chaya

This charming old coffee shop is located in a building that has existed since the Edo Era. The atmosphere is quiet and pleasant, allowing you to take a rest or gather your thoughts, and enjoy the coffee and tea served here. The establishment is frequented by Japanese as well as members of the international community. Decorated with objets d'art, the interior exudes a warm atmosphere.

Furukawa Cho 1-1
Nagasaki, 850-0851


Located among the shops and stores of Yorozuya-machi, this small coffeehouse serves delicious desserts and provides a place to unwind. The owner is particularly friendly (and a big Hanshin Tigers fan). Try the house specialty rokko oroshi, which is also the title of the Tigers' fight song. The interior is small, and attractively incorporates wood into its overall design.

Kanko Denki Bldg. 2F
Nagasaki, 850-0852

»Panic Paradise

This standard bar has booths and tables, as well as seats at the bar, from which you can see any part of the room. Local musicians play here on occasion, and at other times the bartenders spin the records in their collection. The bar has a warm, hearty atmosphere to it with a generally cheerful mood. Glasses and bottles hang from racks above the counter. Rock posters and signs adorn the walls.

5-33 Yorozuya-machi
Nagasaki, 850-0852

»Cyberspace On

This bar is a rather unique hybrid of times instead of styles. It would normally have the feel of a home built in the early Meiji years (from 1868), except that the owners then decorated the place with contemporary lighting and what they consider "psychedelic" effects--which are admittedly limited. While this may seem tacky, it is not the case, proving for a rather interesting drinking environment. The interior seems to be more old than new, thus making it appeal to older clientèle who dress fairly nicely and drink relatively quietly.

1-3-2 Nishi-kojima
Nagasaki, 850-0837


Few bars are more charming than this one. Actually, it would be a little misleading to call Inaka a bar; it is a traditional Japanese watering hole. Everything about it is Japanese. You sit on the floor or in a private room with Japanese fireplaces, and sip sake while eating a variety of fish—baked, broiled, grilled, fired or raw--and seasonal vegetables. The interior is almost completely wooden, and in Japanese-style with shoji (sliding paper-screened doors) and hanging paper lanterns. Although you can order a la carte, some of the best deals are the combination plates for two that feature meat and fish and start at JPY2,000. Sake, which is the perfect match for the food, starts at JPY1,000.

12-6 Dohza-machi
Nagasaki, 850-0841
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