1-16-10, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, JP, 460-0003

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    »Tower Records

    This store is just like any other Tower Records that you find in America, and recently, in other countries as well with a few exceptions. For one, a significant part of the 120,000 CDs available are Japanese, as you might expect. There is also a small event stage where artists, local or otherwise, perform mini-concerts. There are usually signing opportunities afterward. If you cannot find the CD you are looking for, it can easily be ordered.

    1-2-2 Meieki
    Nagoya, 450-0002

    »Meitetsu Department Store - Seven Kan

    Located right next to Nagoya Station, this department store is without doubt a major attraction for the ladies, because it is jam-packed with boutiques selling the latest fashion from Japan and overseas; designer outlets that stock bags, perfumes, jewelry and just about every kind of accessory you can think of; and the odd coffee shop or restaurant where you can relax when you have shopped until you are ready to drop. It also has an amazing sculpture at the entrance. The six-meter high Nana-chan stands unclothed but unprovocative to welcome shoppers.

    1-2-1 Meiki
    Nagoya, 450-0002

    »Grand China Market

    Nagoya is famous for its bright and lively underground shopping malls. This store has a wide selection of Asian clothes, accessories, interior decorations, etc. A Chinese tea set costing JPY3,500 is one such example. If you are interested in Asian-style fashion, you can coordinate from head to toe—colorful hats, Chinese dresses, straw slippers, a small beaded wallet, lace folding fans at a very reasonable price. Also, check out the Feng Shui corner of the shop.

    1-1-4 Meieki
    Nagoya, 450-6004

    »Kinokuniya Loft Nagoya

    One of the newest large bookstores in Nagoya and part of the major nationwide chain, Kinokuniya Loft Nagoya is one of the few places to find a selection of English-language books and periodicals in the city. Occupying a complete floor of one wing of the Nadya Park building, it also offers a good selection of almost every other type of book, magazines and other reading material in print. A small open-plan coffee shop can be found in one corner.

    Nagoya, 460-0008

    »Osu Kannon Antique Fairgrounds

    This is the location where twice a month an antique flea market takes place from dawn until dusk. The market is right in front of the gate to the Osu Kannon Temple.

    2-21-47 Osu Kannon
    Nagoya, 460-0011


    Part of a nationwide chain, the Nagoya Watchman is conveniently located in the middle of the Sakae shopping district. The store specializes in more than just the watches that its name implies. It also offers great prices on household appliances, electronic goods, cameras, as well as various imported goods. Recently moved to a new site, it now offers a greater selection of goods than ever before.

    3-17-13 Nishiki
    Nagoya, 460-0003

    »Apple Store

    This store caters to all of your Mac and iPod needs. Stop in to check out the latest games, software, and accessories. If you're traveling, the staff can direct you towards all the adapters you need for your electronics. Many locations also offer workshops on how to use their various products. See their website for more information and a calendar of events.

    3-17-15 Sakae Naka-ku
    Nagoya, 460-0008


    Every major city in Japan and even some minor ones have a Mitsukoshi department store. Some have several, including Nagoya, and this is the main branch here. For that reason, there is a big selection of styles and sizes available and many up-market fashion outlets are located here. Such high-profile brand-name fashion companies as Gucci and Prada are present, while lesser-known and more affordable shops provide shopping opportunities for customers on more restricted budgets.

    3-5-1 Sakae
    Nagoya, 460-8669

    »Tokyu Hands

    Tokyu Hands is the mother of all miscellaneous goods stores in Japan. There are numerous branches throughout the country, and this one is amongst the largest. It comprises five floors of the Annex Building in central Nagoya. The store is also a great place to shop in if you are looking for toys and games, but it of course has much more than that, with everyday household goods and handy items in great abundance as well. You are even likely to find some items so unusual that there is no label to correctly characterize them.

    3-5-4 Nishiki
    Nagoya, 460-0003

    »Action Sports Retail

    While it is easy to think of this store as a general sports clothing store, it actually tries to cater to surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders. Indeed, most of the clothing is well suited for such activities, being baggy and comfortable. But with over 350 stores nationwide, there are certainly a number of people who shop here for simple and colorful casual wear. And why not? The prices are reasonable, and the brands are well known.

    3-29-1 Sakae
    Nagoya, 460-0008

    »Magic Mushroom

    This attractive two-storey shop in Nagoya's east end caters mainly to snowboarders and surfers. A fine selection of boards is available with knowledgable staff to help you make an appropriate purchase. Related accessories are on hand as well, all for prices comparable with other shops in the city. Even if you do not participate in either of these sports, though a visit is not out of the question; a fine array of related fashion draws many customers.

    3-5-1 Shirokabe
    Nagoya, 461-0011

    »Rakuda Shoten Honten

    Perhaps we will be lucky enough to see all bookstores look like this in the future. Besides two floors of books, magazines and other types of literature spanning all genres you can imagine, there is also a small cafe with drinks and pastries, and an internet lounge in Rakuda Shoten Honten. The store also hosts regular events and demonstrations, like ikebana, in which customers can participate. A great advantage is that there is plenty of free parking.

    5-18 Aoyagi
    Nagoya, 464-0852
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