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    »DONQ Boulangerie francaise

    A quality bakery that has been operating since 1905, DONQ makes hundreds of different flour products daily. There are all sorts of specialty breads, pastries, stuffed rolls, pizzas and many other items. Some of the specialty breads include cheese, cinnamon nut, sesame, baguette, raisin, and hard toast. There are six people running the registers and bagging food, and they never get a rest because there is a constant flow of people coming here at all times.

    2-1-38 Higashinoda
    Osaka, 534-0024

    »Twin 21

    Twin 21 is a shopping center located within a skyscraper in Osaka Business Park, just a few hundred meters from Osaka Castle. The mall itself is located on the first through fourth floors, though there are two restaurants on the 38th floor of the building that are considered part of the mall. There is a great variety of shops from book stores to miscellaneous goods to fashion outlets and the dozen restaurants on the 3rd floor are a big draw.

    2-1-61 Shiromi
    Osaka, 540-0001


    Imp is a new, self-described "international marketplace", as the letters in the name might imply. Located within view of Osaka Castle and in the Osaka Business Park, Imp is a spacious, three-story shopping mall with a number of foreign outlet stores. Shoppers looking for some unusual or hard-to-find fashions will definitely want to pay a visit here. In total, there are 44 stores including several nice restaurants on the upper floors.

    1-3-7, Shiromi
    Osaka, 540-0001

    »Den Den Town

    Den Den Town is the largest shopping center for electrical and electronic goods in the Kansai region. You can find almost any type of home appliance here, along with components and parts. Your extensive choice includes products from all of Japan's leading manufacturers and even appliances with voltages other than for local use. Duty-free shops are also available for foreign residents and visitors. The main street stretches some 800 meters and is lined on both sides by shops. You might also want to check out the stores selling kitchen equipment and tableware on nearby Doguyasuji Street.

    Den Den town
    Osaka, 556-0002

    »Sawada Denki

    This store, located in the middle of Den-den Machi, the main area for electrical goods in Osaka, has just about everything you could wish for in the audio/video range of equipment. Although it specializes in portable goods—MD recorders, Walkmans and video recorders, for example—it does also offer larger goods such as video decks and TVs. In addition, Sawada Denki stocks duty-free goods (remember to take your passport) with specifications that conform to North American, European and Asian standards.

    4-10-1 Nipponbashi
    Osaka, 556-0005


    It is a known fact that Osaka is obsessed with food, and so it's no surprise that you find numerous places like Doguya-suji in this vibrant city. Doguya-suji is a street which is wholly devoted to food and makers of food. This unusual shopping street has about 40 shops, selling everything from refrigerators, sinks, furniture, cutlery, and aprons to cash registers. It basically caters to every need of the domestic food maker as well as professionals in the food industry. You can even find plastic food and signboards to jazz up window displays! In case all this shopping for food-related items makes you hungry, have no fear - there are plenty of small eateries around!

    Near Namba Station


    With stores in most major cities across Japan, Mandarake has established itself as the leading comic-book and magazine warehouse in the country. This branch—Osaka's main branch— is like most others in major cities: enormous. There are literally dozens and dozens of rows of comic books—for men, women and children—magazines, posters and artwork. Serious collectors can also find some valuable pre-war items here as well, including antique toys. The staff are well informed and ready to help.

    9-28 Kita
    Osaka, 530-0027


    Junkudo is located in the spacious, new Y.E.S. Namba Building very near Namba Station. Its main attraction for the English reader is its enormous stock of English books on the third floor, comprehensive and intelligently displayed. There is an impressive range of topics and styles of interest to the general and even the specialist reader. Fiction of all ages and genres dominates, and art, children's stories, literary criticism, TOEFL and sociology are also there in plenty.

    Yes Namba Building 1-3F
    Osaka, 542-0075

    »Sony Tower

    Sony Tower is a building located in the Shinsaibashi area, you can probably already guess what it is devoted to. With 9 floors, the building hosts electronic equipment, devices and gadgets galore. Some people just can't get enough! On one floor, there is a showroom of all the latest technology developed by this world-leading company. Besides electronic equipment, though, there is also Sony Plaza with miscellaneous import items that make for great gifts. The basement floor has a cinema also.

    1-1-10 Shinsaibashi-Suji
    Osaka, 542-0085

    »Namba Nannan Town

    Nannan Town is one of two shopping malls located beneath Namba Station, the larger of the two being Namba City, to which it connects. This mall, which is usually crowded with throngs of people given its location beneath one of Osaka's busiest stations, has about two dozen shops and restaurants. Neither the shops nor the restaurants are too high-class - which is hardly to say that they are discount, either.

    5 Namba
    Osaka, 542-0076


    With chains in most of Japan's major cities, Parco is an extremely popular shopping center among seemingly all ages and lifestyles of Japanese society. And this is easy to understand why; the multi-story shopping center has something for everyone. You will find clothing stores galore, miscellaneous shops, multi-media outlets, bookstores, and several eateries. The famous live house Club Quattro is even located on the upper floor. Best of all, it is open everyday.

    1-9-1 Shinsaibashi-Suji
    Osaka, 542-0085


    Daimaru is one of the more recognized department stores across Japan. There are actually two branches in Osaka: this one in Shinsaibashi and the other in Namba. The multi-story buildings house just about everything you could need for your wardrobe, home and garden or office. The majority of items available are generic lesser-known brands, making the department store an extremely affordable place to shop. Do keep an eye out for sales - they are frequent and worth a visit. Opens daily at 10am.

    7-1 Shinsaibashisuji 1-chome
    Osaka, 542-8501
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