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Comfort Hotel Narita

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 968 Hanazaki-cho , Narita, JP, 286-0033

  • Phone: (81) 476 24 6311
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»Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art

The Dainippon Ink & Chemical company established this museum to house its art collection. The earliest pieces date from 17th century Rembrandt to contemporary art. Artists include Tohaku, Chagall, Picasso, Monet, Kandinsky, Rothko and Pollock among others. A museum shop and restaurant plus a magnificent garden containing a variety of trees, flowers and plants are additional attractions.

631 Sakado
Sakura, 285-8505

»Ushiku Daibutsu - The Great Buddha of Ushiku

Constructed in 1993, Ushiku Daibutsu is a majestic statue of Buddha towering over the Ushiku countryside. At 120 meters (394 feet) in height, it is one of the tallest statues in the world. It is an effigy of the Amida Nyorai, known as the Buddha of Infinite Light. Take the elevator to the observation deck at its chest for stunning views of the area.

2083 Kunocho
Ushiku, 300-1288


A humble city, shadowed by the might of Tokyo, Chiba is a bustling urban town and the capital of the Chiba Prefecture of Japan. As with the rest of Japan, this city can trace its origins to ancient times, though it was officially founded in 1921, and received government designation of a city much later in 1992. The city is famous for the Chiba Urban Monorail, considered to be the longest suspended monorail. The city also has its own share of attractions, including the Chiba Zoo and Makuhari Messe.

Chiba, 260-8722

»Kashima-Jingu Treasure House

Kashima-Jingu holds Ibaraki's only recently proclaimed national treasure, the sword called Futsu-no-Mitama-no-Tsurugi which can be seen at this shrine. Legend tells us that it was used by a god to help out Emperor Jimmu. It is reputed to be Japan's oldest sword, about 1,300 years old, and also the longest (2.71 meters) made of iron. Another treasure, an important cultural property, a lacquered saddle with floral motifs, which belonged to Yoritomo Minamoto, who established the Kamakura Shogunate, is also housed here.

2306-1 Kyuchu
Tokyo, 314-0031

»Kashima-Jingu Shrine

The enshrined deity is Takemikazuchi-no-Mikoto who represents unity and martial valor. Legend tells us that his mission was to make Yamato a country of peace. Kashima is situated in a pine and cedar tree thicket, and was a site, along with Ikisu and Katori nearby, for pilgrimages dating to ancient times. Behind the main shrine (established in 1619) by Hidetaka Tokugawa is the pivot stone which prevents the mythical catfish who causes earthquakes from rearing his head. The main shrine, the shrine gate (1634) and the inner shrine (1604) are important cultural properties.

2306-1 Kyuchu
Tokyo, 314-0031

»Tekona Reido Shrine

Here is a shrine dedicated to the tragic life of a local girl named Tekona. Legend and literature tell us that in the eighth century Tekona committed suicide because her great beauty caused fatal rivalries among her many potential lovers. In the ancient anthology of poetry, Man'yoshu, it is noted that the approach bridge to this shrine was a proposed meeting place for one of the young lady's suitors.

4-6 Mama
Ichikawa, 272-0826

»Guho-ji Temple

This temple was established by the priest Gyoki who was pivotal in bringing Buddhism to Japan's hoi polloi. During the Edo era (pre-1868 Tokyo) the temple was known as a haunt to enjoy the autumn leaves. Sadly the maples which made this temple popular as a favored leisure stop were lost during a major fire in 1888. Now one venerable cherry tree is an important focus for visitors during spring. Steep stone steps lead to an imposing vermilion-lacquered gate--a scene reminiscent of the artist Hiroshige's famous woodblock print of Atago Shrine.

4-9 Mama
Ichikawa, 272-0826

»Edogawa Riverside

As the name alludes, Edogawa Riverside lies along the river in the Tokyo ward of Edogawa. Just off the Shinozaki Highway, close to the Shinozaki Park, this riverside area is a popular spot for a leisurely stroll, an evening jog, picnics, and cultural events in the city. The Edogawa Riverside is also the venue for the annual Edogawa Ward Fireworks Exhibition, which is attended by thousands of people from all over the world.

Shinozaki Highway
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