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Comfort Hotel Tokyo Kiyosumi Shirakawa

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1-6-12 Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo, JP, 135-0021

  • Phone: (81) 3 5639 9311
  • Fax: (81) 3 5639 9160
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Ever seen someone wearing geta (wooden sandals) or zori (straw or leather sandals) and wondered if they could possibly come in Western sizes? Okadaya is located in the sumo area, near the Kokugikan (Sumo Arena) and Sumo Museum. It caters to sumo wrestlers of a larger size, so if you have had difficulty finding such footwear, but still really desire them, you now know where to go!

1-17-10 Midori
Tokyo, 130-0021


Probably one of the largest doll shops in Tokyo, Kyugetsu sells traditional hinosama (Girl's Day) dolls, Children's Day dolls, kokeshi (wooden) dolls, Kabuki and Noh theater dolls, plus stacks of modern cute stuffed animals. This is a good place to pick up some fun items, plus perhaps a decorative memory that you might wish to put on your mantelpiece back home.

1-20-4 Yanagibashi
Tokyo, 111-0052

»Maruzen Nihonbashi Store

Maruzen is one of the major bookstore chains in Japan. The Nihonbashi store is the flagship of the line, located in the center of Tokyo near the Imperial Palace. Maruzen has a voluminous collection of titles in English and of course an almost unparalleled collection of books, CD-ROMs and microfilms in Japanese. There is also a broad selection of periodicals and newspapers in English and Japanese. Photo buffs will find a superb assortment of books in English on photography and the visual arts.

9-2, Nihombashi 3-Chome,
Tokyo, 103-8244

»Nisshin Camera

You'll find Nisshin Camera in Akihabara's famous electronic district and it's a standout from the many camera dealers that you'll find in the area. They deal in a wide range of film and digital cameras, along with an extensive collection of telephoto lenses. Even better, they accept camera trade-ins so it's possible to buy the camera of your dreams second-hand (and much more affordably). With great, helpful staff and competitive prices, it's a must-visit if you're camera-hunting.

1 Kanda-Iwamotocho
Tokyo, 101-0033

»Patisserie Hidemi Sugino

The motto of Patisserie Hidemi Sugino warns 'You won't find our pastries anywhere else'; a brave promise in light of the hundreds of high-class, highly inventive patisseries sprawled around Tokyo. This place has garnered such a reputation that there is a queue before the store even opens. The patisserie only makes mousse cakes, in a variety of flavors that are usually seasonal and the deceptively simple appearance of the pastries melts away to reveal layers of flavor within. This is a must-stop for any dessert lover; just be prepared to wait for your turn to try the unique confections.

Kyobashi-Daiei Bldg 1F
Tokyo, 104-0031

»Tokyo Okashi Land

Do you like confectionery made in Japan? If so, visit Tokyo Okashi Land! Tokyo Okashi Land is a shopping zone where you can enjoy various kinds of candy produced by popular Japanese companies such as Glico, Morinaga and Calbee. In addition, there are some limited items which are sold only in Tokyo Okashi Land. Don’t miss them! Tokyo Okashi Land is directly connected to Tokyo station, so you can readily visit it when you are passing through Tokyo station.

1-9-1 Marunouchi Basement 1st Floor
Tokyo, 100-0005

»Yaesu Book Center

The Yaesu Book Center is located just outside Tokyo Station. Every month, millions of travelers pass through Tokyo station, and Yaesu Book Center is a favorite stop for many of them. Yaesu Book Center has an immense collection of books, dictionaries, photo books, maps and travel guides in Japanese and English. They have a very broad selection of foreign magazines in English.

2-5-1 Yaesu
Tokyo, 104-8456

»Nishikawa Duty Free

Sometimes Akihabara Electric Town can seem somewhat daunting, with its endless collection of appliance shops selling similar equipment. Nishikawa, one of the two main duty-free shops in the area is a safe haven to head for, with its large collection of items and its friendly staff who quite likely may be able to help you in your own language. Located near the station, even resident expatriates shop here to get equipment with a user's manual in English.

15-8 Soto-Kanda 1-chome
Tokyo, 101-0021

»Sato Musen

Another electronics conglomerate, this location is the head store of the Sato Musen chain for the Akihabara west side. The quality of goods and staff equal the high standards set by the other stores of the Sato Musen name. Amassed floor upon floor are consumer goods for children, singles and couples, families, Japanese and foreigners. Everybody's diverse electronics needs are served here. An even larger Sato Musen branch store is located on the east side of the station.

1-15-8 Soto-kanda
Tokyo, 101-0021


Kids quite often get over excited at the fancy stationery available all over Japan; however, Ito-Ya can prove that adults too can have a strange fascination with office supplies! There is so much cool adult "stuff" available here--personal desk stationery, graphic-design material and even drafting desks. Eight floors and one mezzanine level later, you could have refurbished the office, renewed your artist's supplies, bought enough stationery to last a decade and even printed out your own graphic design portfolio!

2-7-15 Ginza
Tokyo, 104-0061

»Laox Duty Free

Laox Duty Free sparkles with electronic goodies, all of which are designed to function abroad. Seven floors of everything from digital cameras and watches to TV games and beauty products. The fifth floor souvenir department has a variety of "folk goods," but Sony's ukiyo-e (woodblock print) credit-card sized radio, which conveniently slips into your shirt pocket, is a perfect gift to take home. Remember to take your passport along to prove you are a tourist, otherwise you will not get the duty-free privilege.

1-15-3 Soto-Kanda
Tokyo, 101-0021

»Sakaguchi EH Voc Corp

Here is a treat for do-it-yourselfers in Akihabara Electric Town. Lined up on the same street as dozens of big and small computer hardware and software stores selling all the new-fangled bells and whistles for creating the electronic cottage of the 21st century, this store sells old tried and true transistors, plugs, cords and other metal-based electrical supplies for small machinery companies or weekend hobbyists and machinists. You may wish to come with a Japanese-speaking friend, as English is not spoken here.

1-12-2 Soto Kanda
Tokyo, 101-0021
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