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Comfort Hotel Tomakomai

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3-7-18 Asahi-machi, Tomakomai, JP, 053-0018

  • Phone: (81) 144 31 3211
  • Fax: (81) 144 31 3212
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Serving traditional fare from Kyushu, Japan's southernmost major island, Hanagi is an elegant restaurant and an excellent place to experience the diversity of Japanese food. Although you can order a la carte, your best way choice is one of the set courses available. These start at JPY4,800 and include sashimi, grilled fish and seafood, pickled and fresh vegetables, and the famous Kyushu basashi--thin slices of raw horse meat, which is eaten with grated ginger and soy sauce. Beer and Japanese sake are available, but the drink of choice from Kyushu is shochu, a strong distilled liquor.

1-1-1 Toyohira 4-jyo
Sapporo, 062-0904


This sushi restaurant is legendary. It has been in continuous operation since the Taisho period (1912-26), and it is considered to serve the some of freshest fish and seafood in the whole of Japan. Do not waste time deciding what to eat, just ask for omakase, which will let the chef choose your meal. This will cost you just JPY3,500, and it includes both miso soup and as much green tea as you can drink. Sakuzushi is also renowned for its huge selection of Japanese sake, the perfect accompaniment to sushi, featuring brands from all over Japan.

Minami 5 Nishi 3
Sapporo, 064-0804

»500 Bar

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out your bill in this bar—just count the number of items you have ordered and multiply that by JPY 500. You will know exactly how much you have to pay. As it is so cheap, 500 Bar is very popular with people in their twenties. It even has a bit of a reputation as a "pick-up spot." There is a good selection of drinks, including draft and bottled beers, cocktails and spirits. The food menu may be somewhat limited, but then again, nobody really comes here to eat.

Minami 3 Nishi 4
Sapporo, 060-0063


Rambootan is an Asian diner with a youthful, friendly clientele. They come here to enjoy the good food and the ambiance. The interior is decorated in modern Thai chic, with low tables and cushions to sit on, which means that you have to remove your shoes at the door. The menu is an eclectic blend of the best dishes from just about every country in Southeast Asia, with a slight emphasis on Thailand. Just about everybody who enters orders them, which attests to just how good they are.

Minami 4 Nishi 1-4-3-2
Sapporo, 064-0804


This restaurant caters to two different crowds—the lunch diners looking for volume at a reasonable price and the more serious evening diners, who enjoy a drop of alcohol with their food. The lunch menu consists of a buffet, with pastas, salads, meat and seafood as well as desert available. The evening menu offers predominantly kushi yaki, which is skewers of fish, shellfish, chicken, pork, beef or vegetables marinated in teriyaki sauce and charbroiled. The restaurant features a 90-minute, all-you-can-eat course where you can also drink as much as you want in the same time, only after you are set back by a few Japanese Yens.

Minami 1 Nishi 4

»Sapporo Kaniya

This large restaurant, from second basement level to seventh floor, has rooms for every occasion. As well as accommodating walk-in diners, it caters for parties from small groups to large banquets. The traditional décor is magnificent and complements the quality of the food and service. Every dish served features crab. You can order a la carte or choose a set course. The king crab course, with nine different items (including sashimi, tempura, vinegared crab, kani-miso, and one-pot stew of crab and vegetables), costs just JPY6,860. If you are still hungry, order zousui (rice porridge) with crab.

2-11 Minami 4jo-nishi
Sapporo, 064-0804


Kamaimasu specializes in kushiage, which consists of meat, seafood and vegetables on bamboo skewers, dipped in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried. There are four set-course meals. The top course is a great deal—15 different food items and as much as you can drink. After 9p, each additional skewer you order costs less. Another option worth trying is hiyajiru, a cold soup from Kyushu. The mellow copper-colored lighting provides a slightly romantic ambiance, despite the hearty dining that takes place here.

Minami 4 Nishi 5
Sapporo, 064-0804


Hachikyo is a Japanese restaurant that manages to teach a very fundamental lesson, do not waste your food. The restaurant, as an official rule, penalizes those who keep even a morsel of their rice remaining on their plate, through a fine. When they serve their signature dish, diners have to waittill the Salmon Roe is served on top of the rice. After a ritualistic verbal exchange, you can begin to eat, and remember not to waste any of it. The strict rule followed here is to recognize the efforts of a fisherman, who goes to great lengths (sometimes life-threatening lengths) to catch the fish that you're eating. The food is undoubtedly delicious, but the restaurant's policy is what attracts its diners even more to eat here.

Minami 3-jo Nishi 3
Sapporo, 060-0063

»Steak Maruyama

Although meat is not the only option on the menu, meat eaters will really appreciate this restaurant. Only the very best and most succulent Japanese beef is served, grilled to your satisfaction. Dinner and lunch courses include salad, soup, pickles and dessert. For those who do not eat meat, grilled seafood and shellfish are available. The elegant interior and low lighting, together with an excellent wine list, makes this restaurant the ideal venue for a date.

Minami 7 Nishi 26-5-4
Sapporo, 064-0807

»Stanley Market

The concept of this restaurant is that of an Asian street market—without the flies and odors, of course and it works very well. The interior features rattan furniture, batik curtains and wall hangings, as well as a spicy aroma wafting out of the kitchen—a distinctly non-Japanese ambiance. The menu contains dishes from all over the region, including most of the old favorites, but it is some of the lesser known dishes that attract the most orders. The popular choice is kaopa, Laotian-style fried rice with shrimps, vegetables and fried egg on top.

Minami 2 Nishi 5
Sapporo, 060-0062

»Bikkuri Donkey

Despite the rather strange name, which means "surprised donkey," this hamburger restaurant is excellent. It serves a variety of local-style hamburger (no bun) sets that include rice and salad. Sets for kids are yummy, while adult sets start at great prices. Salads include local ingredients, such as tofu and daikon (giant radish). Soft drinks and coffee are available. Beer drinkers will be pleased to know that Bikkuri Donkey serves its own excellent beer. The interior of the restaurant is spacious, bright and child-friendly.

Odori Nishi 3
Sapporo, 060-0042

»Cam Cam

This restaurant serves up dishes from all over Southeast Asia at very reasonable prices. As soon as you walk through the doors, you feel that you have stepped into Indonesia due to its rattan furniture and the batik curtains, tablecloths and wall-hangings. Items on the menu come from all over Southeast Asia, including Laos and Cambodia, along with popular dishes from Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. For those who enjoy their meals with copious amounts of alcohol, there are a number of fixed-priced all-you-can-drink options.

Minami 2 Nishi 7
Sapporo, 064-0062
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